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The Community Health Internship Program is a summer intensive community-based experience for health profession students.

Community Health Internship Program (CHIP)

The Seminar Series addresses the root causes of many of today's public health issues and develops strategies to address them. 

Seminar Series
(Philadelphia only)

The Clinical Program offers an interdisciplinary experience providing advanced students the opportunity to become more skilled in collaborative community clinical service for underserved populations. 

Clinical Program
(Philadelphia only)

Students who complete all three components

of the Bridging the Gaps Program graduate

from their schools or universities as a

Bridging the Gaps Clinical Scholar.



1.    Completion of Community Health Internship Program (BTG CHIP

2.    Attendance at six BTG Seminars. For schedule and topics, click here.

3.    Completion of a BTG Clinical Rotation at one of the BTG clinical sites: (clinical program)

  •        Covenant House

  •        Prevention Point

  •        InnovAge Pennsylvania LIFE

  •        Philadelphia FIGHT

CumUlative Program Data